Daily Sketch

Inktober 11th 2014!

Inktober Day 11! Slight redesign of an old character, just leaving this one black and grey tonight! #inktober #inktober2GO #in

Inktober 10th, 2014!

Inktober Day 10! A white one eyed kitty with a giant jet pack! #inktober #inktober2014 #inktober2GO #copic #copicART #sakura #

Inktober 9th 2014!

Inktober Day 9! I don’t know, skull, wings, crown… I don’t know. #inktober #inktober2go #inktober2014 #copic

Inktober 8th 2014!

Inktober Day 8! A funny little monster listening to an iPod! #ink #inktober #inktober2go #inktober2014 #copic #copicart #faber

Inktober Day 7!

Inktober day 7! Severed hands, some bloody ghosts, and a Vampire’s head. #inktober #inktober2go #inktober2014 #ink #art

Inktober 6th 2014

Inktober day 6! A Dia de Los Muertos girl, this is the first one of these I’ve drawn for Inktober, but it’s probab

Inktober Day 5!

Inktober Day 5! Some Cyborg Mafia dude That I’ve been drawing for 15+ years. Copic markers, Faber-Castell PITT pens, and

Inktober is Here!

HA HA! I decided that I really wanted to participate in #inktober this year! So here it is, my drawing for day 1 of Inktober.

Daily Sketch 26

Daily Sketch number 26 from 3/5/14. Today we have Looshkin and Bear from Jamie Smart’s comic “Bear”. If you&

Daily Sketch 25

Daily sketch number 25 from 3/4/2014. Oh, Invader Zim, what can be said this? I am a huge fan of all of Jhonen Vasquez’s

Daily Sketch 24

Daily sketch number 24, from 3/3/14. This morning I was having a really rough time waking up, normally I’m a morning per

Daily Sketch 23

Daily sketch, day 23 from 3/2/2014. Today I was just kinda in an odd mood, so I sketched up this odd little muppet type guy. I

Daily Sketches 21 & 22

Daily sketches 21 and 22, from February 28th and March 1st. Again carrying on with my new video game craze, I drew Mickey Mous

Daily Sketches 19 and 20

Daily sketches 19 & 20 from February 26th and 27th. Okay, So I bought a few new games for my Nintendo Wii and 3ds systems,

Daily Sketches 17 & 18

Daily sketches 17 and 18 from February 24th and 25th. Had little bit of an Adventure Time influence on the top one and just a

Daily Sketches 15 & 16

Daily sketches 15 and 16 from February 22nd and 23rd. I love how weird and trippy the anime Dead Leaves is, so for these two d

Daily Sketches 13 & 14

Daily Sketches 13 & 14 from February 20th and 21st. Scud the Disposable Assassin and some dude with a flat top and a sword

Daily Sketches 11 & 12

Daily sketches 11 & 12 from February 18th and 19th. Fight Club bunny with a black eye and a Day of the Dead Girl.

Daily Sketches 9 & 10

Daily Sketches 9 & 10 from February 16th and 17th. My love for the band The Cure’s Robert Smith came through in the

Daily Sketches 7 & 8

Daily Sketches 7 & 8 from February 14th & 15th. A monkey in a monkey suit and a blues man playing a cigar box guitar.

Daily Sketch 5 & 6

Daily Sketchs 5 & 6 from February 12th & 13th.

Daily Sketch 2, 3 & 4

Here are daily sketches 2, 3 & 4  from February 9th, 10th, and 11th.

Daily Sketch Project 2014

So I’m totally behind on these, but back on February 8th, I started a daily sketch project in this awesome sketch journa