Jason Devore/Yotam split EP

Hi everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so sorry about that. A few months ago, I worked on the cover ar

First comic project.

In the earlier part of this year, I had the pleasure of working on my first comic project. The comic strips also doubled as ad

Inktober 22nd, 2014!

Inktober Day 22! Fishboy, this one was going fine, till I went to use my lime green copic, android it started leaking onto the

Halloween Theme Tattoo Special!

For the month of October, I will be doing small (roughly 2 1/2 to 3 inch) Halloween themed tattoos for $25 each! That’s

September Nampa Art Walk!

Starting tonight, my artwork will be hanging in Third Hand Antiques, in downtown Nampa, for the Nampa Art Walk. Tonight I will

Sketchbook coming soon!

Got my sketchbook sent off to the printer for review…guess I’ll know in 24 hours if it ready to print. As soon as

The Monsters In My Head, Coming Soon!

So I have this new project that I’m working on, It is a children’s poem book about monsters. It is meant to me cute and no

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Happy Zombie Jesus Day! Did this one with all Prismacolor markers. #zombie #jesus #Easter #Prismacolor #markers #art #design #


I drew a goofy little self portrait design, for an up coming comic strip I am working on.

A little black and grey sketch I worked on tonight

Thats pretty much it, I have a couple more of these I’m working on at the moment, and will have them posted soon.

Dear Boss

Dear Boss, a photo by Beneath The Floorboards on Flickr. Jack the Ripper piece that I did with markers on 11×14 bristol.

The Maxx and Izz's

The Maxx and Izz’s, a photo by Beneath The Floorboards on Flickr. This is my second Maxx fan art, Sam Keith is an artist

Scud: the Disposable Assassin

Scud: the Disposable Assassin, a photo by Beneath The Floorboards on Flickr. Scud is one of my all time favorite comics, and o

The Tick

The Tick, a photo by Beneath The Floorboards on Flickr. I’m a huge fan of The Tick, I own season one of the animated ser

Started a Flickr Account

So, recently I started a Flickr account, with all the drama surrounding Instagram right now, I felt is was best to have someth

Zim project phase 1 and something different

Aright, phase 1 of a little project I’m working on , #zim and #gir done with #copic and #prismacolor #markers on 11×


Todays new one, #prismacolor and #copic markers on 11×14 bristol. This is a character from my graphic novel “Beneat

Ball point pen and Headache

A little #sketch I did this morning on a 3.5×5 inch pad with a bic ball point pen. It was blue. And i also did this one t

Crazy Eyes

I will start posting more art soon, I haven’t posted in a while. I’m gonna start with this one, it’s Copic m

Store is in Progress….But not ready yet.

So, I’m still in the progress of getting the store set up. Its almost completely set up, I’m just trouble shooting

We're All Mad Here/ Zombie Apocalypse

Here are two new pieces just in time for the Nampa Festival of Arts. There are 16 prints now available, I’ll be selling

Knight WIP

Working on improving my photoshop skills, I haven’t finished my current project, started out just goofing around, but st

Quick Sketch

Heres a quick sketch I worked up last night in photoshop. I’m still working on making my photoshop work better. Till nex

New Site!

Well, google has my websites blocked for malware at the moment, because some a-hole posted a comment on one of my posts, that

Whoa, where have I been?

The answer is, nowhere, I’ve just been working a lot, and didn’t realize that I haven’t posted anything sinc

T-shirt Design

So, I was board, and decided to Design a t-shirt. I think this will be the first t-shirt for my website. I’ll have some

Update March 27th

My new Mac power supply finally came, so now I’m back online. Here are two new Pics for your viewing pleasure. Later Peo

Some New Art

So last week, I screwed up some poor girls tattoo, and it was her first tattoo, so I felt event worse than I did over the fact