Cover wip 2


So, I’ve gotten some color added the the cover, I’m doing the entire cover with Copic and Prismacolor markers.

So clearly not finished, but I’m having so much fun making this thing that I had to share.

2 thoughts on “Cover wip 2

  1. Lucy Reynolds

    Hi , my name is Lucy I am 9 years old. You drew me and my brother as zombies. I was in a cupcake shirt. You are the best drawer I’ve ever known! What is your book about? Is there a girl in it? What is your favorite thing to draw?

    1. Chopsy

      Hi Lucy, thank you very much. I’m glad you like my art. The book isn’t about anything in particular. There is no real story to it. Its just a collection of individual poems, mostly about monsters. I am working on illustrations for every poem, so I’m sure there will be plenty of girls in it. My favorite things to draw are people, monsters, zombies and robots.

      Thanks for all the Questions.

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