Inktober 7th! Evil Con Carne!

Inktober 7th 2015!EVIL CON CARNE!

In my opinion, this is probably the Most underrated show Cartoon Network ever released.
This is one of my personal favorites, and it seems that no one really knows about. The show was created by Maxwell Atom, who is also the created The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Evil Con Carne originally aired on the show “Grim & Evil”, which was 50% Evil con Carne and 50% Billy and Mandy.

Eventually the show split into 2 separate entities, where Billy and Mandy became a hit and Evil Con Carne fell by the wayside, and after a handful of episodes, was canceled.

I really feel that this show wasn’t given a fair chance, and really hope that Maxwell Atoms revisits these characters someday.

Thank you everyone for checking it out, until tomorrow…….


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