Cover wip 2

So, I’ve gotten some color added the the cover, I’m doing the entire cover with Copic and Prismacolor markers. So

August art show, somewhat of a bust

So, the Nampa Festival of Arts was somewhat of a bust. I almost broke even, basically took a $2 loss. Apparently my booth was


I drew a goofy little self portrait design, for an up coming comic strip I am working on.

Dear Boss

Dear Boss, a photo by Beneath The Floorboards on Flickr. Jack the Ripper piece that I did with markers on 11×14 bristol.

The Maxx and Izz's

The Maxx and Izz’s, a photo by Beneath The Floorboards on Flickr. This is my second Maxx fan art, Sam Keith is an artist

Scud: the Disposable Assassin

Scud: the Disposable Assassin, a photo by Beneath The Floorboards on Flickr. Scud is one of my all time favorite comics, and o

The Tick

The Tick, a photo by Beneath The Floorboards on Flickr. I’m a huge fan of The Tick, I own season one of the animated ser

The Max and Julie Winters

From time to time, I like to draw some fan art of my influences, to today I am posting a drawing I did of Sam Keith’s &#

Dapper Bunnies get the Hunnies!

Here is a dapper little rabbit I drew with my copic and prismacolor markers. I am going to be making this oneninto a t-shirt,


Todays new one, #prismacolor and #copic markers on 11×14 bristol. This is a character from my graphic novel “Beneat

Crazy Eyes

I will start posting more art soon, I haven’t posted in a while. I’m gonna start with this one, it’s Copic m

Wings of a Demon

Haven’t posted in a while, but thats because I’ve been gearing up for the Nampa Festival of Arts. So here’s