Beneath The Floorboards

The Artist

tenticlesRyan Harrison, also known as “Chopsy”, is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, tattoo artist and musician, currently living in Nampa, Idaho.

From a young age, Chopsy has loved to draw and create art. A lot of Chopsy’s early influence come from comic book and animation art, and is equally influenced by western and eastern styles. Some of Chopsy’s biggest influences include Trent Kaniuga, Jamie Hewlett, Sam Keith, Chandra Free, Roman Dirge, Jhonen Vasquez, Gris Grimly, and Jamie Smart, Katsuhiro Otomo, Adam Warren, and FsC to name a few. Most recently Chopsy has been borderline obsessed with the art of Sheldon Villa and Drew Rausch.

After receiving his Associates Degree in  Graphic Design in 2009, Chopsy produced album covers and layout designs for P.I.G. Records (Portnow Intertainment Group) working with bands Demoni, the Dehumanizers, Deep Throat and Antiseptic.

After a short run in the web design industry, Chopsy found himself unemployed in 2010. During this time he continued to independently build websites, and produce album covers and design work for Boise based band Demoni.

With very little design work available, and lots of time on his hands, Chopsy lived out a life long dream by starting an apprenticeship at a local tattoo shop in November of 2010. Chopsy currently tattoos out of Blackbird Studios in Nampa, Idaho along side three other amazing artists, Bridget Arthur, Audrey Swift and Reanna Freeman.

When not working, Chopsy spends his time with his beautiful wife Megan, and twin boys.

On top of work and family time, Chopsy is currently working on a few graphic novels, a comic strip and illustrations for children’s books, that will all someday see the light of day.